The Stylus Decade

The Naughties Wall

And so, after several months of emails, spreadsheets, cajoling, begging, and bullying, The Stylus Decade is starting to go live. At the moment it’s just an intro written by yours truly, but tomorrow lists and essays will start appearing with a vengeance. Hopefully people will enjoy reading them as much as we’ve fretted over putting them together.

The project as a whole is a love song, really, to Stylus, which may not have been the biggest or most influential music site, but was… the most human, I think. Since it ceased publication in October 2007 I’ve barely written for anywhere else, I suspect because rather than wanting to write about music, I wanted to write for Stylus, if that makes sense.

Several people have asked me, by the wonders of “social media”, whether there will be any content regarding what the Stylus alumni are now up to; had we had time, I’d have loved to put something like this together, and who knows, maybe once this little project is out of the way, perhaps I will. It’s interesting to note how many writers started out at Stylus and have moved on to Pitchfork, or The Guardian, or The Village Voice, since Stylus disbanded, and even while it was still going. Hell, even I got a few things published at The Guardian back in the day.

I’ve bought the new URL for a period of two years, and while there are no concrete plans for doing anything else after this 00s round-up is completed in a week or so’s time, I have got a mad idea about the 60s.

Coming soon; something about films from the naughties.


3 responses to “The Stylus Decade

  1. Thanks for resurrecting Stylus, Nick. You were always the most trust-worthy source, and this has been a fun week reliving why.

    A few errors that I picked up whilst reading the reviews:
    -#42 song, Phoenix, is titled “if i EVER feel better.”
    -Your review of the strokes calls it ‘roomS on fire.’ it’s singular.
    -PJ Harvey’s name says The Hold Steady for the #18 album
    -and in the wilco write-up, he keeps calling “i’m the MAN who loves you” ‘i’m the ONE who loves you’

    Pretty good list, by the way. For a guy who’s listened to more albums than I could ever count this decade, you still managed to come up with 15 or 20 that aren’t on my harddrive. Thanks again.

  2. Rest assured that the copy-editing errors are getting picked up quickly!

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