Here Is Love For This Record

Good grief I love this new Four Tet record. I might have mentioned that. I certainly should have. It’s beautiful. I love it.

I didn’t care all that much for Everything Ecstatic, and I kind of lost track of what he was up to afterwards, with the Steve Reid collaborations, the residencies, the remixes, etc, etc… I checked things out but really, rockist that I am, I just wanted new music by Four Tet.

Bought a Fridge album once. Didn’t like it. Still own it. Listened to another one on a listening post (remember them?) way back when. Didn’t like that either.

I loved the Ringer EP too when that came out in 2008; it was one of the few high points of the year. It gave me a thrill like Orbital had when I was 17, only for Ringer I was 29. It’s not easy making a guy with a mortgage and a pension and a selection of cookbooks feel like a teenager again; it’s to be applauded.

“This Unfolds” is a description rather than a title; it’s astonishing. I got in trouble, of a sort, on ILM, for describing the album as being heavy on the 4/4 beats, when I should have said “four on the floor”, or something. Whatever; it’s more electronic, more digital, than anything Hebden’s done under this nom-de-plume before (bar Ringer), but just as beatific; if not more so. It’s got that end-of-the-night house feel that I mentioned in the piece about Delphic down below, all the beauty and emotion I was looking for in that. Has it got the grooves? Between this and “Who Makes Your Money?” from the Spoon album, grooves are in no short supply.

“Circling” is, again, like he took a descriptor liable to be used by someone like me and made a track around it that leaves us plebs with no words to use. “Circling” circles. “This Unfolds” unfolds. He ought to call his next album Fucking Amazing Beautiful Music. It’s onomatopoeic. It makes me want to cry but not with anything even remotely approaching sadness.


2 responses to “Here Is Love For This Record

  1. professorkeanbean

    Well said, sir.

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