Patrick Bateman

Got thinking about American Psycho as I went to bed, and how Kanye’s MBDTF relates to that. Al Shipley on ILM agreed with the last para of my previous post, pointing out that Kanye’s fantasy is just your basic materialist straight guy idiocy.

12 years ago, when I read AmPsycho, I loved it’s extremity, it’s comedy, it’s powerful satire. Bateman fantasised about putting his penis in the mouth of a severed head, about feeding hungry rats into a woman’s vagina, about running amok in Manhattan with a grenade launcher. It was obviously unreal, so extreme you had to either laugh at it or put it down in disgust.

The problem with Kanye’s fantasy is the lack of this extremity, and therefore the lack of satire and real disgust. He doesn’t seem to be commenting on anything with any satirical edge, and without that real extremity or satire it is just nastiness, avariciousness, woman-hating. It’s the difference between Chris Morris and Jim Davidson.

And seriously, people, the tunes are bobbins and the production is bad.


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