My Christmas albums

Just a little snow in Exeter today.

At 4am I fed the cats and it looked like there might have been an inch. By 8am, when I left the house, there was 6-12 inches covering the city. My two-mile trudge into campus was beautiful and eerie and surreal and fun all at once. I saw the above snowplow, plowing snow! I have never seen such a thing in my life before.

Anyway, onto what I was actually going to post.

Every year I buy what I have come to term my “Christmas album”. It is the last new CD I buy myself each year, and there are two caveats: it must be by an artist I have never bought music by before, and I must be bale to buy it in person in a record shop in Exeter. Simple.

This loose tradition began in 1995 when I bought Grand Prix by Teenage Fanclub on Christmas Eve 1995 in the now sadly defunct Solo Music. Every year, bar one notable exception, I have made a similar purchase; Wild Beasts last year, Death in Vegas in 1997, Deerhunter the other day. But I have never kept a note of what albums I chose.

So last night I sat down with NME’s albums of the year lists from 1995 onwards (you can see them all here, handily), as this was, for the first 6 or 7 years of the tradition, a big influencing factor in determining my choice.

Which was surprisingly difficult. But here’s what I think I may have chosen, each year for the last decade and a half.

1995 – Teenage Fanclub, Grand Prix
1996 – Sparklehorse, Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot
1997 – Death in Vegas – Dead Elvis
1998 – Boards of Canada, Music has the Right to Children
1999 – ???
2000 – PJ Harvey, Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea *
2001 – ???
2002 – ???
2003 – Patrick Wolf, Lycanthropy
2004 – Six.By Seven, 04 **
2005 – Matafix ***
2006 – Ghostface Killah, Fishscale ****
2007 – Voice of the Seven Woods
2008 – Family Guy DVD *****
2009 – Wild Beasts, Two Dancers
2010 – Deerhunter, Halcyon Digest

* Yes, I know it’s crazy, but this was my first PJ record.
** Not my first 6×7 record, and may not even be what I chose for this tradition; but I definitely got it around Xmas, and I’m damned if I can remember anything else.
*** This is the only choice I have ever returned. A last-minute panicked ILX recommendation. I wont even dignify it by looking up the title.
**** Not my first Ghostface record, so broke the rule here, if this is indeed what I chose; I can’t think of anything else from 2006 that I might have, though, and strongly recall buying this in HMV on Christmas Eve.
***** So weak and feeble was 2008 for music (see for yourself) that I reneged this year, and bought a DVD instead. Dark days.

I really can’t recall what I might have bought for 1999, 2001, and 2002. Any ideas?


8 responses to “My Christmas albums

  1. Great idea!
    Ahh…TFC that brings back memories (and Sparklehorse – forgot about them because an ex told me about them).
    Deerhunter – great choice for 2010 – I’ve been listening to them a bit on grooveshark.
    Do you still buy all your albums on CD or just the Xmas one?

  2. Oh its pretty fair to say I still buy a lot of CDs…

  3. I’ve just found reference on my old blog to having bought Empirical’s eponymous debut as my 2007 Christmas album; must have had to get VOTSW online.

  4. Just found something I wrote in 2007 which suggests I’m a liar (or have a poor memory!) –

    I think I intended to get VOTSW (or Empirical) but could only find this in person in a shop.

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