A few observations and thoughts about #musicdiaryproject

Two days in and a few things have occurred to me.

  • You don’t need to list every song you listen to if you don’t want to – just an impression of what you’ve listened to is good enough
  • You can join in part way through the week if you like
  • Tumblr seems to be the most common platform for people who are taking part
  • Nicolas Jaar seems popular
  • So does Panda Bear
  • You don’t have to post the spreadsheet anywhere or send it back to me or even use it at all; it’s just there if you want to use it to aid your memory
  • If you don’t have a blog or a tumblr or whatever, but want to join in, you can; post your lists on a forum you use, or even in the comments on here
  • I’m thinking of putting together a little survey at the end of the week
  • You music you don’t choose – i.e. the stuff on the radio or in shops or anywhere else – is just as relevant to this little exercise as the stuff you do choose
  • There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to take part
  • Keeping track of all the participants is proving more effort than I had anticipated!
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    14 responses to “A few observations and thoughts about #musicdiaryproject

    1. Having trouble keeping track of us eh? Don’t worry. Those of us who haven’t made your list yet aren’t too offended.

    2. It would be good to put some kind of narrative together at the end of the week using Storify. I’ve found it hard to keep track of what’s going on.

    3. Monday:

      Panda Bear – Tomboy – full album (NPR stream)
      Lull – Dreamt about Dreaming – first 20 min. or so
      Craft Spells – Idle Labor – full album
      Aaliyah – “Choosey Lover (Old School/New School)”

      Tuesday (so far):

      ESG – Dance to the Best of ESG – first 30 min. of disc 1
      Bardo Pond – s/t album – first three songs
      The Mountain Goats – four songs played live, SPIN.com video

    4. Here’s my list -> http://peterstephensblog.blogspot.com/

      Portishead – Portishead
      Travis – 12 Memories
      Travis – The Man Who
      Travis – Ode To J.Smith
      Smashing Pumpkins – Greatest Hits
      Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream (listening at the moment)

    5. Here’s mine …


      Did you say you had a day job? I’ll bet there isn’t much time for it @the moment πŸ™‚

    6. Here’s my last.fm profile highlighting the last 7 days of my music listening (on my computer and on my iPhone).

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