What I did on my holidays

I’ve always hated people who apologise for not updating their blogs for a while; it seems like such an egotistical thing to do, to apologise for not gifting people with your thoughts and words. I remember Ian Brown, in an interview circa 1995 after The Stone Roses had returned from their 5-year hiatus (how short a gap between albums does 5-years seem now?), saying something like “do you think we’re that important? Do you think people just sat around not breathing while they waited for us to make another record? I don’t.”

Since April 14th I have ridden over 200 miles on my bicycle (some of it in the company of my wife). I have visited The Drift Record shop in Totnes for Record Store Day, and bought some vinyl. I have had a brief, beautiful anniversary holiday with my wife in St Ives (where we stayed in a terrific B&B), visiting Sennen Cove with a friend on the way back (and listening to a certain Ride b-side on the journey), and took a lot of pictures while we were there. I’ve had a family barbecue at the in-laws’ house. I’ve been to the theatre for the first time in a decade (to see The Dumb Waiter by Pinter). I’ve played Brian Eno’s Another Green World at Devon Record Club. I’ve been to the Exeter Festival of South West Food and Drink. I’ve helped my wife plant some tomatoes, some chillies, some lettuce, some mint, and some other stuff in our yard. I’ve bought a garden chair. I’ve put SPD pedals on my bicycle, and clocked my fastest-ever single mile (2mins 58secs down Honiton Road behind Exeter Airport, without realising how fast I was going at the time). I’ve watched some of the Royal Wedding (despite being a vague republican). What I haven’t done (bar the Brian Eno piece for DRC) is any writing. I had every intention of doing some, given that we took advantage of the cluster of Bank Holidays and extended our break to eleven days in a row, but frankly I haven’t been of a mind to. I’ve pondered writing something about being a dilettante, about cycling, about St Ives, about record clubs, about lots and lots of things, but sitting down at a desk to type has seemed too much like work. I return to actual work on Tuesday for three days before another long weekend (including a trip to Scotland for a friend’s wedding), so maybe… I would say “normal service will resume”, but what’s normal service?


2 responses to “What I did on my holidays

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  2. So….now you’re writing again, how about adding some ‘Nick listened’ comments to DRC – your followers are hungry for more words of wisdom (and while you’re at it, apologise for being away).

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