Music Diary 2012

Traffic lights

So last year loads of people took part in The Music Diary Project, and it was really interesting finding out the what, how, where, who, and why (sort of) of the music we listen to on an average week.

Nearly 12 months on, and several people have asked me if I’m planning on doing it again. And, well, the simple answer is that it doesn’t matter if I do it again, it matters, and becomes interesting, if you lot do it again, but I’m game if you are. So let’s go for the beginning of May, specifically the seven days from Monday 30th April until Sunday 6th May. During that week, listen to music as normal, but every time you listen to something, through specific personal choice, on the radio, as played by a club DJ or performed by a band at a gig, on shuffle via your phone, make a note of what it is, and, at some stage, somewhere, post it online – you can Tweet it, Tumblr it, Facebook it, LiveJournal it, write it in a notebook, photograph it, and stick it on Flickr, whatever you like – so that we can all see and share. Use the hashtag #musicdiary2012, and that way we can all keep tabs and see how other people are doing.

You can still download the listening log from last time, if you like, as a prompt.

At the end of the week, I’ll run a survey again, and then write-up some thoughts once it’s over.

Who’s up for it?


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