Knees aren’t good

Just less than a year ago my knee collapsed while I was just walking to my bike. I said I probably ought to see someone about it, but I didn’t. I was just careful. It’s gone a couple of times since then, too, when playing football, but it recovers relatively quickly, and I strap it up and keep riding my bike and playing football and doing some exercises to try and strengthen it a bit. I’ve been riding a bit less lately because of poor weather and house-buying and also because I’ve been playing football more often – usually two or three times a week.

I played on Thursday night; scored some goals, made some assists, enjoyed every minute of it. I was fine. I’ve been fine for the last two or three months. But yesterday morning, at work, moving from one chair to another to take a photograph during a research presentation, my knee collapsed again, as badly as it ever has before. One of the researchers rushed out and called for help; the Estate Patrol guys literally picked me off the floor and took me back to my office (and offered to take me to A&E and then home – I declined, as I knew Em would want to), I made some calls and some emails to cancel things for later in the day, and I went to A&E.

The doctor reckons I have a small tear in one of the cartilages in my left knee, and that I probably did this years and years ago (I can remember the incident – dancing in Boxes, a long-since vanished nightclub at Exeter quay; body swiveled, foot stayed still, knee collapsed). Every so often I aggravate it and this is when my knee collapses.

As I suspected a year ago, I need an arthroscopy, where they stick a tiny camera in my knee, assess what’s wrong, and try and fix it. On Wednesday I have an appointment with my GP to get a referral so the ball can get rolling on this. In the meantime I can carry on as normal; a day or two’s rest after a twist / collapse, and then ride / play football as I want, and guard my knee movements against anything twisting or lateral.

I wish I’d done it a year ago.


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