Thursday’s listening

I loaded the music I bought on Monday (MBV remasters and the new Richard Hawley album) onto my iPhone before going to work, vaguely anticipating that Charley, who I share an office with, might want to listen to the Richard Hawley album.

Sure enough, I’d barely got through the door when she asked if it was on my phone; prescient or what? So we put it on via the little speakers on the windowsill, and played it through twice, front-to-back.

There’s lots of really amazing guitar playing on the album; it’s definitely his most rocking record, and pretty sprawling and psychedelic and heavy – the 9 tracks last just over 50 minutes. There are a couple of lovely, quieter moments amongst the maelstrom, too, but some of his lead playing, riffing, and solos are scintillating. It’s really nice to hear a proper guitarist go for it, rather than play this plinky plinky post-Edge infantilism-with-some-echo that passes for lead playing with the likes of Coldplay.

Afterwards we reverted to type and put 6music on; I recall hearing the Richard Hawley single a couple of times, and Red Sails by David Bowie, but the only other track I recall was by Grimes, which prompted Charley to ask if Visions was on my iPhone too; it was, so we listened to that from start to finish. Afterwards it was nearly 4pm, so I stuck all the Beastie Boys tracks on my phone on shuffle for the last hour in the office.

We talked, tidied, and watched TV when I got home, so there was no more music yesterday.



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