Sunday’s listening

Went out for a bike ride pretty much first thing, and when I got home and showered I had some time to kill before Emma was up and ready to go shopping. So I listened to The Milk Of Human Kindness by Caribou while I typed up the Mass Observation Archive diary entry that I posted earlier today. It took pretty much exactly as long to type as the album lasted – about 40 minutes. This is, as everyone knows, the best approximate length for an album.

On the way to Sainsbury’s we listened to Japandroids in the car, at Emma’s request – we’re going to see them in just over a week. When we got back from shopping, while we unpacked and ate some lunch, I put on Koushik’s Out My Window, to vaguely continue the vibe of Caribou (and make the most of the sunshine).

After lunch we went to the allotment for a couple of hours. When we got back I put on Kaputt by Destroyer, which was followed by Wonky by Orbital.

And that’s it; my week’s listening is done.


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