What I talk about when I talk about board games

So I’m in a little club that meets up every couple of weeks and plays records for one another – you can read about it here if you don’t already know – and I obviously write about that a lot, because it’s an intrinsic part of the club.

But I also, sort of, belong to another club, that isn’t quite as fascistically run and doesn’t require blogging about as a pre requisite of taking part. Which is weird, that I’d be in two clubs, because I was barely ever in even a single one when I was at school. Or out of school.

But the other guys in this second club keep complaining that I haven’t blogged about it yet, and so therefore I must be ashamed of it, because I blog about everything I do. Which isn’t quite true.

So consider this a blog about my other club. Which we sort of jokingly refer to as Devon Board Game Club. Because once a month, for the last five months, we’ve met up at one another’s houses and played board games. Generally German ones, with little wooden pieces and lots of cards. Not Monopoly. And not Games Workshop stuff.

So far we’ve played Settlers of Catan, which involves gathering resources and trading and building settlements. We’ve played Carcassonne, which involves laying map tiles and building castles and farming. We’ve played something called Agricola where you just farm, but in a more complicated way. We’ve played Small World, which is about rampaging nuns and cave trolls and undead elves or something, which I didn’t quite understand. And we’ve played Discworld, which is about Terry Pratchett. Sort of.

And it’s fun. I’d say something more profound, but there isn’t much to say. I’ve never really got into computer games. I like gathering round a big table with friends and eating pizza and rolling dice and swearing and plotting and laughing. It’s good fun.


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