Who I am

Sick Mouthy

My name is Nick Southall and I’m a (semi)retired music journalist, marketing manager at a university, amateur photographer, hobbyist cook, cat-fancier, bicycle rider, ex-5-a-side footballer, and opinion-spouter. ‘Sick Mouthy’ is some weird pseudonym I made up years ago and liked enough to use it on a load of blogs and forums and social networks and stuff, and now I’m stuck with it. No one else wants it though, so that’s good.

Up until July 2018 this blog was mainly me posting about music, film, cycling, food, and other stuff, but I’d pretty much stopped writing around November 2014 when my daughter was born. In July 2018 my baby son was diagnosed with Langerhan’s Cellular Histiocytosis, and so I resurrected this blog to document my feelings and experiences of dealing with a child with cancer / a very cancer-like disease.

Anything posted prior to 10 November 2009 is taken from previous blogs and other online writing venues.

You can contact me by emailing sickmouthy@gmail.com or by finding me on Instagram and messaging me there. I don’t use Twitter anymore because who needs that cesspit in their lives.

2 responses to “Who I am

  1. Where can I obtain you’re complete review of The Verve’s ‘A Northern Soul’?

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