Who I am

Sick Mouthy

My name is Nick Southall and I’m a semi-retired music journalist, “communications officer”, former library guy, amateur photographer, hobbyist cook, cat-fancier, university administrator, and opinion-spouter. Sick Mouthy is some weird pseudonym I made up years ago and liked enough to use it on a load of blogs and forums and social networks and stuff, and now I’m stuck with it. No one else wants it though, so that’s good.

Anything posted prior to 10 November 2009 is taken from previous blogs and other online writing venues.

You can contact me by emailing sickmouthy@gmail.com or by tweeting @sickmouthy. I love a good tweet.


2 responses to “Who I am

  1. Where can I obtain you’re complete review of The Verve’s ‘A Northern Soul’?

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