The Music Diary

The Music Diary is an attempt to document, over the course of one week, how we listen to music: when we listen, where we listen, who we’re with when we listen, and how we choose what we listen to. Anyone is welcome to join in, as long as you would ordinarily be listening to music in that week or any other week; from music journalists to musicians to serious music geeks and casual music fans. You can find out more about why I started it here.

It’s simple. For seven days each spring anyone who wants to take part simply keeps a diary of everything they listen to, and publishes it online somewhere. How detailed that diary is, is up to you. It might be an annotated list drawn from scrobbles and chucked onto a Tumblr; it might be a Tweet or a Facebook status every time you play a new song on your iPod; you might keep a detailed spreadsheet and post it on your blog at the end of the week; you could even keep pencilled notes in a Moleskine, photograph them, and upload them to Flickr. It’s up to you.

We first did the Msuic Diary Project in 2011, when over 100 blogs took part. We ran it again in 2012 from Monday 7th May until Sunday 13th May. If people want to, we’ll do it again in 2013. (I’m not sure why I’m saying “we”, as it’s pretty much me on my own who organises it!)

You can download an Excel spreadsheet ‘listening log’ (2012 dates) for the week if you want to help you note your listening. You wont be asked to submit this anywhere, it’s just a tool to help you keep track of what you listen to.

Obviously keeping track of everything you listen to will change the way you listen, and you shouldn’t ignore this fact, but the point is to try and record usual patterns of listening. It’s isn’t about who listens to the most music or the coolest music or the most eclectic selection of music; it’s just about understanding the different ways we listen.

If you take part via a blog, Tumblr, or other venue with a static URL, please link it in the comments here.

116 responses to “The Music Diary

  1. Keeping track of my listening this week on Tumblr and on twitter (@InternetAlan)

  2. Like this lots; my updates will be on Twitter at @jonathas

  3. Will be contributing sporadically over the week @

  4. Love this idea – I’ll be blogging periodically this week about what I’m listening to at & on Twitter, @thegoodgroupie

  5. keeping track via

  6. I’ll be doing daily updates on my Tumblr page

  7. daily posts on my blog

  8. I seem to be listening to more podcasts than songs. This week I will try to reverse that. I’m in. 🙂

  9. Will be participating What an awesome idea.

  10. Will be participating! Love this idea 🙂

  11. Keeping track of my listening via my blog,

  12. Participating at and @emily_wheeler

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  14. Im in. Gonna try to blog a bit at , but will mostly be posting to twitter @randallfoster

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  16. You’ll find a list of my scrobbles on my tumblr daily.

  17. shellysazdanoff

    Will keep a daily post on my blog

  18. akismet-e20b446cf67f7179310171c945abfa3b

    Daily updates via
    Sporadic updates via twitter @you_love_lucy

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  20. love it. will do a running list and will post next tues on

  21. Will be tweeting about it @yesthatgirl and blogging about it also 🙂 Love this project!

  22. Will try to blog about it at

    but will also update twitter @rmill3r

    Cool idea!

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  24. Definitely giving it a go.

  25. i’m going to give it a shot.

  26. I’ll give this a shot, why not?
    I’ll post a daily entry on my Tumblr.

  27. this is going to be interesting considering how much music I listen to in a day. I’ll be tracking here

  28. Mine will be posted on 🙂

  29. well written! i’m doing my diary on twitter. @sadfuzzz


  31. Going to give this a shot with daily posts on my Tumblr:

  32. Will be posting a picture of my written entries on my tumblr! Neat idea, by the way. 😀

  33. Heck why not? @dustybandit

  34. I’ll be posting it on my tumblr!

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  36. I’ll be doing this over at
    Great idea.

  37. I’ll be posting via tumblr too….

  38. Im on it. @dubquixote. Twitter all the time, and one post daily at tumblr.

  39. I’ll be posting via my blog and maybe tumblr, too, ( both shared through facebook.

  40. Definitely going to do this, write it down and then put it on my blog at night.

  41. Karen D Tregaskin
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  43. ‘Live’ updates via @justplayed on Twitter for me, but daily roundups on the blog:

  44. oooh I love this idea
    I’ll post via my tumblr:

  45. I’ll post at least daily on tumblr:

  46. I will make nightly log posts at my day-to-day blog,, with a summary at the end of the week on my music blog Looking forward to doing this again!

  47. i’m in – will try to post daily, but more than likely at week’s end at

  48. Giving it a go on Tumblr which I have never used before so please bear with me.

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  50. Will put up a soundcloud file (or just a regular ol’ text post) of what I am listening to on my Tumblr. Aiming for twice a day (maybe more). 🙂

  51. let’s do this:

  52. Mitchell Tarrant
    Would love to connect with some people! Love meeting similar music geeks.

  53. Will be posting on my blog:

  54. I will make a nightly post at my blog:

  55. I’m going to keep track of my listening over at

  56. This is great! I’ll be turning my tumblr into a music diary for the week!

  57. i’ll be keeping track at icecoldvodka.tumblr dot com

  58. I tweet at @KatieChow, but will be doing daily write-ups on

  59. i’ll definitely post through tumblr and possibly twitter.

  60. 1st post is up:
    subsequent post(s) will be housed on, with the occasional tweet (@queeneulalia) thrown in for good measure.

  61. I’m going to keep track of it all at

  62. is mine

  63. I’m in. Wrote a fairly lengthy blog last year but unlikely to have time for that again (care of 9week old wipes out my evenings)

  64. Some haphazard tweeting on this here – @A_McMeekin

  65. I’ll be tweeting my tuppence worth.

  66. i’ll be doing some short essays on my listening each day at

  67. I’m playing along on twitter – @brittinboots – and at

  68. I’ll be tracking my music activity for this week at my blog:
    The first post is already up!

  69. Posting my diary on twitter- @nolekennedy

  70. and @amanda_taylor

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  73. Came to this a bit late, but I’ll join in for the rest of the week on twitter: @syndromepix

  74. Did I make up that you did a survey at the end last year? Is that happening again this time?

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  77. Maraineyblues

    I’m joining a bit late,but excited to be keeping a record of my most geeky subject.

  78. I foolishly forgot to comment here to say I was doing it. I’ve been blogging daily at Chop’s Top Fives but will also provide some updates via me twitter @chops_top_fives. It’s been interesting so far – I plan to do pie charts when it’s all over.

  79. I’m blogging along with #musicdiaryproject at Thanks!

  80. Posting mine on tumblr

  81. Hi, sorry a bit late in the day but have been following this all week and noting what I have been listening to, I’m doing a write up of it today at the following blog –

  82. Here’s my tumblr with 6/7 days of music. This was fun!

  83. Only just got around to blogging this! It’s pretty much verbatim from the rough notes I was taking all week, but I figured that was the most honest way of presenting the information. Anyway, I had fun!

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