Let The Daily Express Shake

There’s an extraordinary review of PJ Harvey’s new album, Let England Shake, in The Daily Express today. I know this despite never having bought The Daily Express in my life. But I’ve read this review. Likewise, I’ve never bought The Daily Mail; never even read a copy left on a train or in a university common room or in a pub. I won’t touch it with a bargepole, let alone my own fingers, lest its ink stain my skin and give off the scent of small-minded bigotry.

But I look at their articles online, and really quite often. And I do this mainly because of Twitter, where people I have similar political and cultural views as regularly link me to pieces that are causing them outrage or consternation or maybe just plain old lols.

But I build and maintain websites for a living. I run a blog. I know that hits and clicks don’t register scorn or irony. Read this New Statesman piece. Laughing at bigots on the internet isn’t constructive; it just makes them look more popular to advertisers.

Anyway, here’s a link to The Daily Expresses’ astonishing review of PJ Harvey’s new record that routes you through a proxy server and denies them adcash – Let England Shake. I’ve not heard it yet, but I’m slathering in anticipation; even more so now I know it’s not The Daily Expresses’ “bag”.


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